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There are countless reasons to fall in love with Warsaw


TaxiWhen using taxis in Warsaw, it is strongly recommended that you only use taxis with the following: beacon sign “TAXI”, a hologram with the license number and the vehicle’s registration number on the the front glass and on yellow/red stripes with the symbol of Warsaw – a mermaid affixed along both front doors.

Inside the vehicle in a visible place there should be a special id card with a hologram, drivers picture (with his or hers name) and a taximeter showing the tariff and the current charge. Detailed information about the price per kilometer and the complaint procedure must be displayed on the glass of the right-hand side back door( in the upper left corner).

Driver is obliged to give passenger a receipt, stating also the side number of the taxi and the vehicle’s registration number. 

Current prices (maximum rates legally permitted):

Initial/starting fee - 8 PLN
Day fare, in the urban zone - 3 PLN per km
Night fare, in the urban zone, and day fare on Sundays and holidays - 4.50 PLN per km
Day fare, in suburban areas - 6 PLN per km
Night fare, in suburban areas, and day fare on Sundays and holidays - 9 PLN per km
1 hour in which the driver waits for the passenger - 40 PLN

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