Warsaw City Hall
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There are countless reasons to fall in love with Warsaw

Praga District

Artistic Praga


Warsaw Fight Club

A work of a professional Irish muralist, Conor Harrington, combining the skill set of a professional painter with activities in urban space. A part of the Fight Club cycle presented among others in the streets of London and New York. The artist makes reference to works of master painters.
(fot. Filip Kwiatkowski)




Warszawa Wschodnia (Eastern Warsaw)

A pride of Warsaw street art by Sebas Velasco, a Spanish artist, whose works can be found in Barcelona, Brno, Santander, and Kyiv. The author juxtaposed symbols of two different periods in a single image: Polonez produced by FSO automobile manufacturer when Poland was still a communist country and a barman from the nearby Chmury bar, whom he met while in Poland. (fot. Filip Kwiatkowski)





An exceptional mural by Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist living not nearer than Malaysia. The author was inspired by people living in nearby tenements, especially children who can use any space, however unfriendly, to play. Composing cracks on the wall of the building into the picture is certainly worth attention. (fot. Filip Kwiatkowski)





Hole in the Wall

Well visible from the side of Targowa street, it was made as part of Street Art Doping festival by a Hamburg artist using pseudonym 1010. The author expressed his fascination with holes that he associates with discovering new, unknown worlds. (fot. Filip Kwiatkowski)






The Angels of Praga 

ul. Ząbkowska/ul. Targowa

A group of fairytale figurines created by sculptor Marek Sułek in reference to the local guardian angel tradition. They become particularly curious in wintertime: each angel is given unique, tailor-made clothing and accessories.
(fot. Iwona Gmyrek)

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