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There are countless reasons to fall in love with Warsaw

Praga District

Entertainment in Praga district

The Vistula beaches 
Worth a visit in the summer season with their day- and nighttime throb of life and music.

Praska beach
ul. Wybrzeże Helskie 1/5

The beach is several hundreds of meters long, and open only during summer; it sees loads of visitors due to numerous attractions: lawn chairs, wicker baskets, volleyball and badminton fields, and in the evening, concerts and DJ's. There is also the undeniable added charm of being able to get an unparalleled view of the Old Town, in all its splendor.  Accessible from Vistula’s western bank by free ferry from the Podzamcze area. (fot. Agnieszka Czarnecka)


Poniatówka Beach
ul. Wybrzeże Szczecińskie

Sports attractions and barbecue area. Fashionable club life just a minute away.
(fot. m.st. Warszawa)


Ząbkowska Street

One of the main streets of old Praga, the oldest buildings are from the 19th century. For many people this place is 'Praga's Old Town'. Walking along Ząbkowska we can see how the Praga's architecture evolved from the second half of the 19th century to now. The oldest surviving house on this street is a small ground-floor house (No. 14), which is from 1866. The house at No. 7 is from 1880 (though it has been restored)  and is considered by many to be the most beautiful house of Ząbkowska Street. At No. 2 there is one of the most recognisable buildings in Praga – it's a four-floor, renovated house, which belonged to Szejna and Tychoński, which dates from 1914. (fot. Warszawska Organizacja Turystyczna)

11 Listopada Street (11th November street)

A major artery of the district, thus named on the third anniversary of Poland regaining her independence, i.e. on November 11th of November 1921. (fot. Maria Kromolicka)


ul. 11 Listopada 22 

This is the major clubbing centre of Warsaw’s right bank, and well worth a visit, especially on weekend evenings. The courtyard at this address is home to some of the city’s best clubs, popular with both locals and tourists. Each of them is distinguished by its own unique atmosphere and an original name: Hydrozagadka (www.hydrozagadka.waw.pl), Skład Butelek (www.skladbutelek.pl) and Chmury (www.facebook.com/kawiarniachmury). The vibe presented by Praga's old town houses will surely attract those on the lookout for fun. Also home to Hostel Fabryka, (ul. 11 Listopada 22/21) organised in a tenement house – rubber product factory before World War Two: www.hostelfabryka.pl

The buildings surrounding the courtyard include, among others, workshops for young artists, Akademia theatre (www.teatracademia.eu) and Klatka gallery (www.studioklatka.org)


Soho Factory
ul. Mińska 25

Massive post-industrial site, formerly home to the Pocisk Munitions Factory and Warsaw Motorcycle Factory, the latter manufacturer of the iconic Osa scooters. Today, a reclaimed artistic sub-district. Famous restaurants (Mateusz Gessler’s Warszawa Wschodnia, Szklarnia) and an eco-food bazaar apart, numerous creative studios and institutions of culture have been located here, such as Teatr Soho, Teatr Niewielki, and the greatly popular Neon Museum. Offering an abundance of multi-purpose space, Soho Factory has also begun hosting many regular events: Slow Weekend, WAWA Design Festival, Summer Jazz Days, and the Warsaw Autumn Music Festival.  (fot. Soho Factory)

Charm of PRL Museum (Muzeum Czar PRL)

ul. Grochowska 316/320

The Charm of PRL Museum is a place where one can go back to the past and experience the socialist system. One can see for example a typical flat from the epoch, including kitchen, bathroom and kids’ room. Moreover, one can see a telephone booth, shop and Central Committee office.(fot. Adventure Warsaw Rafał Palta)

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