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There are countless reasons to fall in love with Warsaw

Parks and Gardens

Warsaw surprises with its quantity of parks, gardens and green areas – few cities can boast as much green space in the heart of the city. It’s possible to come across different animals in the parks, to ride a bicycle or just take a rest in the sunshine.

Royal Łazienki Park (Łazienki Królewskie)

ul. Agrykoli 1, tel. +48 22 506 00 24, +48 504 243 783

One of the most beautiful palace/garden complexes in Europe, founded in the 17th century, it attracts both tourists and residents. Worth visiting is very beautiful Palace on the Island, built on the edge of an artifcial lake. Major highlights during the summer months include sailing around the palace pond in a gondola, feeding the lazily swimming carp, feeding the brave squirrels and watching the park’s peacocks freely wander about the grounds.
Defnitely make time to see the amphitheater (situated at the southern pond, not too far from the palace itself), the sundial located by the palace, right by the water (this is just one of three that can be found in Łazienki) and a fountain into which kids  throw coins and make wishes. Nearby ‘lovers’ corner’ is worth looking for it – it’s a charming place with a small pond and is reached by one of three tree-lined corridors.
A must-see of this park is the Fryderyk Chopin Monument, where on Summer weekends free concerts are given.

Park and Palace in Wilanów (Zespół Pałacowo-Parkowy w Wilanowie)

ul. St. Kostki Potockiego 10/16, te. +48 22 544 27 00

The summer residence of King Jan III Sobieski, the warrior king who defeated the Turks in the Battle of Vienna. The palace and the park in  Wilanów are wonderful examples of Baroque architecture: in the two-level garden it‘s possible to admire hedge sculptures, or to rest in the Chinese summerhouse (as long as you‘re able to find it). Wilanów also hosts many cultural events. More information

Park Ujazdowski
Ujazdowski Park
Aleje Ujazdowskie

Established over 100 years ago in a place where folk parties were held. One of his curiosities is a personal scale that has worked perfectly  and constantly since 1912. There is also children’s playground in the park.

Saski Garden

ul. Marszałkowska  / ul. Królewska

One of the oldest public parks in Poland, it’s located in the city centre near the Grand Theatre. Thanks to numerous sculptures, a sundial and a beautiful fountain it has become a favourite place for walks. Children will love the big playground, and there is an outstanding space for cyclists, roller-bladers and sports enthusiasts.


The street’s gaslights are a true curiosity: the stylish lights on Agrykola Street will make you feel as if you have stepped back into another era. If you come here at dusk, you may well meet the gaslight keeper as he lights the lamps for the night.

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