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There are countless reasons to fall in love with Warsaw

Powsin Culture Park (Park Kultury w Powsinie)

ul. Maślaków 1

tel. 22 648 48 11

tel. 22 648 48 12

fax. 22 648 27 91

e-mail: sekretariat@parkpowsin.pl


Park Kultury w PowsiniePark Kultury w Powsinie

The park as we know it today was created in the 1950’s, transformed from a former 50-ha golf course; it offers a wide range of activities, even during the winter season. These include numerous areaxideal for team sports, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a mini golf green, a climbing wall, ropes course ping-pong tables, a 'chess mushroom' (grzybek szachowy), a sauna, a fitness club and a sports equipment rental place which is open all year long.
The area of the Culture Park (Park Kultury) includes two amphitheaters – one small and one very large – which host numerous festivals and artistic performances in the summer season. There is also a playground for children, grill lovers can organize picnics, and the area boasts various food points perfect for a meal or a quick snack. Enjoy leisurely strolls and admire the surrounding nature in the nearby Kabacki Forest (Las Kabacki) and the Botanic Garden (Ogród Botaniczny).
The park, though located in the Warsaw suburbs, is easily accessible by both public or private transportation. Also, rollerskating and bicycling lovers can use the bike path from Ursynów through Kabacki Forest. Paying parking lots can be found around the park.
Seasonal touristic homes are also available during the summer period.

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